How to Cheat in Poker

How to Cheat in Poker

Real Mechanics of How to cheat in Poker

Cheating in a game of Poker is certainly not accepted by the rules of the game. When speaking of poker terms, there are a number of cheating formulas that players make use of to stack a deck or even to misguide another player playing the game. Players make use of hard cheating and soft cheating methods in this game. A type of soft cheating is when a player is able to view the bottom card accidentally exposed by the dealer, but does not call it as misdeal. There are a number of players who are quiet against poker cheating, but a few players also like making use of soft cheating poker methods.

Minimal Skill Cheating in Poker

Miscalling hands certainly is one of the most common types of cheating in poker. Players might show only four hands and declare it as Flush; they also try and short the pot size by not placing right amount of bet in it. There are players who also try and sneak peek other player’s cards. These types of cheating are very much common, and they are also very difficult to be proved and in case any player is caught cheating, he simple calls it as his honest mistake.

  • When playing poker, one of the most common poker phrases is that ‘Cards speak for themselves’. So no matter what ever any players speaks, each and every card in the game will determine the real winner of the game. In case any player tends to commit any act that is unethical, it is important that he should in fact be called on it. In case this player repeats his mistake, then it is important that he should be asked to quit the game.
  • Another type of minimal cheating is when any player who has simply folded his cards, tend to act as in-charge of the pot. Players try to organize the stacking chips and at the same time they also count the chips before handling them to the winner. There are chances that this player could easily palm one or more chips without other players noticing him. Such cheating is generally termed as check-chopping by most pro-players. It is important that at the time of shutdown, no player should be allowed to touch the pot.
  • There are also a number of players who in fact toss the chip in the pot so other players might never notice if he or she is tossing the right value chip or not. When playing poker, etiquettes states that players should place the chips such that all players can see what you are placing in the pot. They should be countable and should always be placed on the table.
  • There are also a number of players who discard less cards as compared to what he or she is expected to discard. There are chances that any player might try and hide few cards when discarding and then place these cards on top of second player’s cards. So the moment the player request for three cards he might in fact get one extra card in his pile.

In few games players also try and make use of marked cards. Cheaters make use of a number of ways to mark best cards like scratching, bending or even making identification marks that can well blend with the design of the cards.