Double Joker Video Poker

Double Joker Video Poker

Double Joker Video Poker is a game that is straight forward and yet exciting. This combination allows the player to truly relish his time playing the game and to get the hang of it quite quickly. Reading a few of the game directions and playing a few rounds should allow any video poker player to learn the ins and outs of Double Joker Video Poker quickly and to be ready for a fulfilling experience. The game is played with one deck of 54 cards. Now, everyone knows that a deck has 52 cards, so what are these extras? They are the jokers that give the game its name and its flair. These wild cards, which are jokers, can substitute for any card in the entire deck to help the player to get a winning combination. This is one of the types of video poker that is particularly fun, since it’s always exciting to see if the jokers will come up for you.

More Details

When video poker players are lucky enough to come across jokers, the jokers will automatically turn into the highest card combination to make the best winning combination possible. Starting from the basics with the video poker for online casinos game, you’ll need at least two pairs in order to win at Double Joker Video Poker. If you have an even better hand, like a straight, a flush or even a full house, you’ll win even more. In this game, there is also a Joker Royal Flush and a Five of Kind. Both of these are not your typically types of video poker wins, and they create two more ways to win at this game. The biggest jackpot in the game is the Natural Royal Flush and you’ll get a payout of 4000 coins if you’ve bet the maximum number of coins possible.

Jumping In to Double Joker Video Poker

As you start to play this video poker for online casinos game, you’ll see that you can bet as many as five coins with a coin size that ranges from .25 to 5. As you play, it’s important to realize that the maximum jackpots are only possible if you bet the maximum amount, so keep this in mind as you plan your bets.

More Betting Time

In addition to the regular play for video poker players here, there is also another section where players can win. Anytime that a player has a winning hand in the game, he can try to double it by clicking on the “Double” button. Here, the player will be dealt five cards with four face down and one (the first one) face up. The player then has to choose a card from the face down ones whose value he thinks is higher than the face up card. If you manage to select the card correctly, you’ll double your payout quite quickly. If you don’t, then you’ll lose your winnings and be ready to try for another round.

The Double Joker Video Poker game is one of the types of video poker that players won’t want to miss. It’s a straight forward game that is tons of fun to play. The jokers add just the right amount of extra energy and excitement to the game to carry the player to the next level of enjoyment. Players can expect a great adventure here.