How to Play Let it em Ride Poker

How to Play Let it em Ride Poker

Ride Poke Overview

Let it Ride or Let em ride as it is also known is an exciting game that when played in the land based casino creates quite a group camaraderie often reserved for the craps player. The key element is you are not having to play against the house or casino per say. The game is set up in a way that the dealer helps you get the best hand possible (a pair of tens or better and the whole table wins). So you can see how the team atmosphere can be built.

The basic game is played like this: three equal bets of usually five dollars each are placed on the table in the play circles indicated. The dealer than deals you three cards and himself two cards (just like a poker game or video poker game 5 cards for a poker hand). Now remember you don’t have to beat anyone. Each player plays their own three cards and will eventually use the dealers two cards (that are face down at this time).

This is where the game gets really fun (and profitable). After you have a chance to look at your three cards (remember the dealers cards are still face down) he will ask you if you want to let your bets ride or take one of your original three bets back. Obviously if you have a strong hand or what they call a no-brainer (pair of tens or better) you will “let it ride”. If your hand is poor you take the one bet back so now you only have two bets remaining on the table (this should be made clear that you did not fold, you are still in the game).

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After your decision, the dealer will then flip over the first of his two cards giving you chance to see if the first card he has will improve your hand value. If so you want to let your final bet ride and if not you have the chance to pull back another one of your original bets that were placed on the table leaving you with only your ante bet.

After your decision is made the dealer will flip over his final card that you may use to make up your best poker hand. Any hands that have a pair of tens or greater is paid out according to the paytable.

If this sounds a little confusing don’t worry we will explain in detail how the game is played as well as the other features associated with Let it Ride.

How to Play Let it em Ride Poker

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you must be wondering how to play the exciting game of Let It Ride at an online casino!

Well, here’s how simple it is…

Begin by downloading the software so you can play. We recommend you give Windows Casino (voted Best Casino) a try. Click your way to the Let It Ride game. Once there you will see what looks like a blackjack table but it has been customized for Let It Ride. The customization involves the addition of three betting spots and a bonus spot located between you and the dealer. The circles will be marked as “$”, “1”, “2” and “Bonus” (or “Ante”, “Raise” or “Progress”).

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The goal of Let It Ride is to get a winning hand of a pair of tens or better using the 3 cards you are dealt as well as the dealer’s 2 cards. That’s what makes this such a great game, you are hoping the dealer gets a great hand. Even if you have nothing good in your 3 cards and the dealer has a pair of ten’s or better YOU WIN!

It’s an exciting game! Lets walk you through a hand:

Select the dollar chip you want to bet by clicking on it then click on the betting area. Be aware that 3 equal bets must be made so if you choose the $5 chip, your total bet will be $15 (3 bets X $5 each). One $5 chip will show in each of the betting circles (“$”, “1” & “2”).

Click the “DEAL” button. The system will deal 3 cards in front of you face up and two community cards in front of the dealer face down. The dealer’s cards are called community cards because they are used by you to form the best poker hand. In a real life setting the two face down cards would be used by everyone at the table (community) to make each persons best poker hand.

Now comes your first decision: “Do I let my first bet ride or not?” If your three cards do not look like they will yield you a good poker hand then pull your first bet. Click on “PULL” and it will be returned to you. If you have any of the 4 suggested best hands in the strategy table then “Let It Ride”. Once your decision has been made the first card in front of the dealer will be turned over so you can view it.

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Again, you need to decide, with the four cards face up, do you want to let your second bet ride or not? If not, click “PULL” and the bet will come back to you. If you “Let It Ride” the bet will remain on the table. Now the last card in front of the dealer is turned over. What is your poker hand? This will determine what your payout is. The minimum payout of 1:1 requires a pair of tens or higher.

If you choose to play a bonus round then click on the bonus spot before the cards are dealt. The bonus will cost you $1. See the bonus paytable for possible bonus payout’s.