What are Progressive Video Poker Games?

What are Progressive Video Poker Games

Progressive Video Poker Games are Video Poker games with the addition of a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is one that is constantly changing. The more players that add real money bets the more the progressive jackpot grows. The jackpot is linked to other casinos that offer the same game, hence the constant growth of the progressive jackpot.

In most cases the progressive jackpot is won when the player achieves the highest hand possible in poker, the royal flush. Of course there are different variations in this depending on the different Progressive Video Poker Games that are being played.  Another important factor when playing progressive video poker games is that the player needs to place the maximum coin bet in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot, in most games this is a maximum of five coins.

Progressive Cyberstud Poker

There are three well known Progressive Video Poker Games offered at the Microgaming casinos together with one progressive poker game. The Progressive Cyberstud Poker game is a poker game played against the dealer, in this case the online casino. Players play on a virtual poker table where they are invited to place their first bet, called the Ante in addition to a small side bet for the progressive jackpot. Five cards are then drawn for the player and only one for the dealer, face up.

The player needs to decide if he wants to carry on with the game i.e. call or if he wants to fold. If the player intends to proceed with the game he has to increase his bet two fold i.e. double it. The dealer then receives four more cards, and the hands are compared. The highest hand wins. Players that manage to land a Royal Flush also win the progressive jackpot and if the player lands a regular flush, he wins part of the progressive jackpot. This Progressive Cyberstud Poker is very different from the Progressive Video Poker Games offered.

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How to Play Progressive Video Poker Games

Jackpot Deuces is one of the most well-known Progressive Video Poker Games. It is very similar to the Deuces Wild Video Poker game in which all the cards with a value of 2 acts as wilds and can take the place of other cards to make up different hands. The best hand in this game is the Diamond Royal Flush that can win the player the progressive jackpot provided he has placed a five coin bet.  Diamonds are considered the most important symbol in the Video Poker games hence the Diamond Royal Flush offering the progressive jackpot payouts.

The SupaJax Video Poker game is very similar to the Jacks or Better Video Poker game. Players begin to win with hands that hold two jacks or more. Four Jacks and the special SupaJax card win the player the progressive jackpot as long as he has placed a five coin bet. When playing SupaJax Video Poker, the Royal Flush with a five coin bet offers winnings of 3000 coins. Playing any of the Progressive Video Poker Games is a thrilling experience. Players can try out many of the regular Video Poker games for fun or practice but the progressive games cannot be played for fun. If the player wants to learn all about a game it is suggested that he tries out the regular games before embarking on the Progressive Video Poker Games.

When playing Progressive Video Poker games, the player can learn all about the games by placing low value coin bets but it is always recommended to place a maximum coin bet i.e. five coins, where possible as this can lead to the progressive jackpots. The games are not all about the progressive jackpots and players can still win in the base game with the many different poker hands that they can land from Three of a Kind to a Flush to a Full House and a Straight Flush. The Progressive Video Poker Games offer players a completely different experience from the progressive slots games that are totally based on luck whereas these games offer the players a chance to make decisions that can directly affect the outcomes of the games.

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